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06/08/07 - Cambridge Bicycle has begun to show a presence at the velodrome, not only on the track but also in the pits.  The crew from Cambridge is now bringing supplies to the track that are available for purchase.  They have a variety of track items in stock and can order almost anything a rider might need to keep their bikes in proper racing order. The crew is happy to answer any fixed gear questions you may have.  Stop by and see them next time you are at the track, or visit their website at:
06/06/07 - In a display of strength and stamina, Jeremy Dunn of Cambridge Bicycle won every "A" race on Wednesday night, June 6th.  Jeremy has recently found good form and is one of the top riders to watch during the 2007 season.  Jeremy is an integral part of Cambridge Bicycle which has recently become a new sponsor of the New England Velodrome.
4/30/07 - In addition to the open training times and beginner introductory classes provided on  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from  May 1st through May 23rd,  NEV will offer the following Informational Workshops/Practice sessions.  The workshops are designed to teach riders the skills and tactics necessary to become more successful track racers. 
Regional Cat 1 racer Brooke O'Connor joins NEV staff
3/22/07 - New England Velodrome is pleased to announce the addition of another night of racing for the 2007 season.  Wednesday night racing will be added to help offset the growing number of riders turning out for the Twilight Track Series. According to New England Velodrome president Tony Eberhardt, "There was a need for additional race time to allow all riders more quality time on the track."

In addition to the second night of racing, this year will also feature 1 month of pre-season training.  New instructional classes and end of season cookout sponsored by Lead Cycling Promotions!

New track season schedule and details on updated category information.
3/22/07 - Intermediate Youth class added to summer Program. With the growing number of new young riders who have already learned how to ride the track, the New England Velodrome™ has created a new Intermediate youth development class.  The class is designed to build on the skills obtained in the introductory class.  Riders will be instructed in higher level training and racing exercises.
Youth Development Cycling program information and brochure
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