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New England Velodrome
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Current weather at New England Velodrome, Londonderry, NH


The New England Velodrome is approximately 318 meters with 14-degree banked turns.

Pole Line  Is a yellow line at the bottom of the track where the distance measurement is taken.  Riders are not to ride below this line.

Sprinters Line  On our track is white in color and is found 90 centimeters (3 feet) above the pole line.  When a rider is in this area, he may not be overtaken underneath, on the left.  Riders wanting to pass must come over the top to the right. 

Stayer’s Line  The highest line on the track is the stayer's line, made for the vehicle used in the motor pace event common in Europe. This line is included as a guide to riding zones and is painted blue.  Above this line, riders are expected to ride more slowly unless a race is actually taking place.

200 Meter Line  A white line that comes down the track placed 200 meters before the finish line.  On our track it is located coming out of turn 2.  While the purpose of this line is officially for Sprint timing only, riders are constantly aware of it as part of their strategy.  

Riding takes place in a counter-clockwise direction.